Better service for the customer, more insight for you

Better service for the customer, more insight for you

Better service for the customer, more insight for you


Pop-up stores have become an essential part of the retail landscape. Ever since the concept has come to Europe from America, many companies use the option of a temporary location to draw quick customer attention to their organization. In addition to being less expensive than a traditional store, a pop-up event gives a business flexibility and an immediate bond with customers. New pop-up stores often cause commotion and interaction, which create an appeal to customers and the media.


The challenge of impermanence

The temporary nature of the pop-up concept carries significant challenges. Even in the transient pop-up store, Internet connectivity is crucial for retailers to run their businesses, and for establishing the social connection to spread the word. Establishing a public WiFi presence gives a pop-up store credibility and creates an impression of service for customers. In addition, having a WiFi connection, combined with a social login, allows the retailer to acquire valuable information about their target audience. With the information available through social media opt-ins, a store can stay in touch with its visitors and develop a quality mailing list.


“Get clear and visualized insight into your customer information and be smarter than your competitors”

How can Peplink help pop-up stores ?

All businesses can benefit from quality information about their customers. The Pepwave MAX BR1 can provide a captive portal and act as a public WiFi access point to promote special offers and allow customers to connect to the Internet while they are in the shop. InControl2, with a social WiFi Facebook login, makes WiFi a powerful marketing and analytic tool, which allows businesses to gather important statistics about their visitors. At a glance, it is possible to visualize statistics and display graphs and charts. The rich data will allow easy, high quality analysis. InControl2 gives retailers the ability to monitor their entire network, including WAN status, customers connected to the network, and even the cellular signal strength.


Netmark Distribution and Peplink

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