The Peplink EPX: the highest quality SD-WAN platform in the industry. The EPX is a fast deployable, powerful, and versatile SD-WAN router that connects many WAN options, from LTE-A and satellite modems to fixed lines.

Benefits Peplink EPX router

Adapt and expand: The EPXrouter can be fully adapted to your needs. Just purchase the modules for the connectivity you need. And when future technologies such as 5G and Firstnet are realised, the EPX will also have the expandable modules to connect to this.

Powerful and wireless: The EPX is the most powerful wireless SD-WAN router in the cellular industry. The router can combine the bandwidth of up to 18 connections, with room for 36 SIM cards and the ability to deliver gigabytes of bandwidth.

Multiple technologies: The EPX supports different technologies, depending on the modules you purchase. With the investment in your EPX you are furthermore ready for the future, because modules will also be developed for future technologies such as 5G.

The EPX router in the practice

EPX and mobile use

Equipped with an EPX router, mobile headquarters can combine private LTE, commercial LTE and satellite links to establish a fast, unbreakable VPN connection to head offices and patrol vehicles. With this configuration the vehicles benefit from an increased cellular range. Even when they are out of reach of one cellular provider, they are still in the reach of others. In addition, each cellular modem offers space for two SIM cards, effectively doubling the number of supported providers.

EPX for the office

The modular construction of the EPX makes it possible for offices to add WAN connections of any type as the office grows. With the ability to add cellular modules, the EPX always provides you with as much cellular connectivity as needed to keep your corporate network working at full force, even when fixed lines lose their connection. In addition, with the EPX you are ready for the future in both the demand for bandwidth and the emerging technologies, because modules will also be developed for 5G.

Flexible SD-WAN backhaul for every network

Whether you provide Internet service with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) or build a streaming network for video surveillance; the guarantee of service continuity is crucial in every industry. With the EPX router, service providers can connect a flexible SD-WAN backhaul to the main network, where as many connections (Ethernet, Fiber, cellular) as needed can be combined to establish a fast and stable connection. You also have full visibility and control over your WAN usage with Peplink’s management software in the Cloud.

EPX for workplace and events

To set up a connection at a workplace or event, it is often necessary to connect a fixed line, which can take months. With the EPX router, on the other hand, a temporary workplace can be connected within a few minutes. The EPX can combine a maximum of 18 cellular connections for HD video streaming and high-volume data traffic. In addition, the EPX Docker can host containers, with which you are able to host your own applications and make management easier.

More about the Peplink EPX router

Read more about the Peplink EPX router and its unique specifications on the Peplink website.