WLAN Enterprise

With the Pepwave AP One access point series you are provided with a fast and secure WiFi connection with a wide range, which travels with you wherever you go. The Pepwave AP One access points are a perfect addition to the Peplink Balance routers, and together they ensure superior speed and reliability for your entire network. The high-quality execution, the flexibility to implement them everywhere and the easy setup and the clear management make the access points in this series your complete network solution.

WLAN Industrial

In the industrial sector, Peplink provides two WLAN solutions for your network: the Pepwave Device Connector and the Pepwave AP Pro. The Device Connector is a WiFi adapter for any device with only an Ethernet connection, which improves your range. The AP Pro is a WLAN solution for every situation, providing you with a fast and reliable WiFi connection even in the worst weather conditions.

WLAN WiFi Diagnostics

As a WiFi administrator you often experience daily problems with your wireless network. For example, you have too little information about the source of the problems you are encountering and the performance of your WiFi, and you do not receive direct notifications about problems that occur. But Peplink WiFi Diagnostics offers the solution. With AirProbe your WiFi signals are analysed and automatically tested. The information from all your AirProbes is then collected and stored in InControl, the WiFi Diagnostics platform in the Cloud. This way you can view and manage your WiFi environment anytime, anywhere.