We offers the following services:

Configuration service

IT: an incomprehensible but inescapable concept for many people. Fortunately, Netmark engineers are specialists in IT, and are happy to use their knowledge to support you. This is how we help you with the complete configuration of your unique IT solution, to make sure that the solution we offer is also executed perfectly. Our experienced engineers properly configure all your hardware, so that you are completely ready for the installation and roll-out of your solution !

Installation service

At Netmark we do not stop until we are sure that you get the best out of your new hardware. That is why after our configuration service we like to go the extra mile for you. So, you don’t have the knowledge or manpower to complete the installation of hardware supplied by us ? With the installation service from Netmark we are happy to offer the total solution and unburden you completely. Our engineers are happy to visit you on location to ensure that your new hardware functions properly in your own environment. This way we can get the best results together !

Technical support

Not every organisation has a well-equipped IT department. Of course, this is not always possible, and here at Netmark we understand this better than anyone. That is why we not only anticipate in advance the suitable IT solution for you, but also offer support packs on all products supplied by us. With a Netmark support pack, you know for sure that you can always count on the expert help of our experienced engineers. They are always ready to provide every technical question with a striking answer and to banish unexpected defects to the distant past, by sending direct replacement hardware. We ensure that your organisation is not bothered by technical issues, simply by ensuring that the delivered products are and remain tip-top in order !

Product training

In order to ensure that not only our customers, but also the customers of our resellers get the best out of the hardware supplied by Netmark, we offer our resellers product training. With this training we train them to become experts in the field of our products, in which advice, installation and troubleshooting skills are central topics. Profound insight with regard to this knowledge and skills leads to customer satisfaction, and of course that is our ultimate goal. With many practical examples and product knowledge, we prepare our resellers for every challenge in sales and technical implementation !

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