Mining | Tunneling

The MinePoynt antennas are specifically designed for mines and tunnels. The circular polarisation has proved to significantly enhances RF propagation abilities in these intense conditions. Several tests have been performed over the past years showing that the MinePoynt antennas achieve higher results then similar antennas.

The Poynting MinePoynt antennas look like narrow cylinders with different lengths. They can be installed against the walls or tunnel roofs having minimal impact on tunnel cross sectional area while they offer the best WiFi propogation for varying tunnel topologies, metal clutter and working vehicles which normally attenuate the signal significantly when using normal antennas.

These antennas are specifically ruggedized for mines and provide the IS (Intrinsically Safe) version. These have a special coating to prevent static build up on the antennas.

Specifications MinePoynt Antennas

More about the MinePoynt Antennas

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