Creating a connection with the deployment of IT

Netmark is not an average supplier. Netmark is a business IT specialist with an underlying story, an informal personality and a razor-sharp mission. A mission with which we turn experience and passion into success, so that Netmark ultimately becomes the specialist in the various niche markets. But above all, a mission with which we are driven to support companies in achieving their business objectives using IT. To this end, we strive to push boundaries, create connections and discover new possibilities. To make all generations around us, now and future, familiar with the world of Netmark.



Our team

Connectivity. Connection with the world and connection with the people around us. By enhancing connections, togetherness is created: the feeling that you belong somewhere and are valued as a person. That is what we are all about as humanity. And that is why we have made this our mission at Netmark.

But to accomplish this mission and to make connections with the world around us, we believe that we must first feel connected to each other. Our team consists of experienced links, each unique with its own story. And by investing time and attention in everyone’s story, we increase our connection. Connected to each other through shared knowledge, drive and passion for the profession, with the same approach: honest, flexible, reliable, solution-oriented. And by applying this philosophy together in our products and services, we also deliver our IT hardware with a story. A story guided by ambition, natural curiosity and pride. Through involvement and experience, and through a shared passion for IT.

With this story, the Netmark team provides our personal service and reliable hardware. We push boundaries to distinguish ourselves in quality, we create connections with the world around us and we discover every new possibility in the field of IT. Do you recognize yourself in this story and would you like to see yourself as a future part of the Netmark link ? Take a look at our job page and maybe we will soon be connected to each other.


Netmark : Your innovative IT supplier

Netmark Distribution is the exclusive Peplink distributor in Vietnam. Netmark has grown into a valuable supplier of IT hardware in all its facets. Thanks to an experienced team, a rich amount of product and market knowledge and a reliable partner network, every innovation is discovered and no questions in the field of Information Technology remain unanswered.

The answer to your question

We would like to list our most important promises for you. These reflect the character of our organisation and run like a thread through our approach. You see, read and hear this in every aspect of our service and ensure that you can count on us.

  • We think along with you out of a natural curiosity; we seek and find the perfect answer to your problem, no matter how complex it may be.
  • We act quickly and efficiently and keep you informed throughout the process.
  • We provide you with a professional, good-working product with a good price-quality ratio – of course with ditto service.
  • Our approach is about integrity: honest, reliable and correct.

Will Netmark soon provide your IT solution ?

We are convinced that every company, regardless of sector or objective, can be successfully supported by Netmark. Are you curious about the possibilities for your desired IT solution or would you like to discuss your issue? Contact us by e-mail, phone or chat and we will be happy to provide you with an answer.