Your connectivity solution for the Maritime Industry

With a 4G LTE or WiFi connection you are provided with a fast, cost-effective connection on domestic waters, in coastal shipping and offshore locations. And in order to be able to set up a connection at open sea, a VSAT or other mobile satellite connection (Iridium, Inmarsat) is required. The problem with these satellite links, however, is that they are slow and expensive. But with the Peplink Balance Router and Pepwave MAX Router offers the solution.


Connected at any time

From resource planning in your company to real-time tracking of your vehicles with the utmost precision; the Peplink network products make it easy and affordable to be connected to every part of your company at any time. Thanks to the ability to automatically combine different connections and switch to the cheapest connections, including cable/DSL, 3G/4G and satellite, you keep your connectivity costs low while increasing bandwidth and reliability.

Public Safety

Your connectivity solution for Public Safety

Nowadays, safeguarding public safety is more important than ever. The police, fire brigade, military personnel and ambulance personnel work together to create a society that is as safe as possible. Recent events, however, have shown that the communication between these security services is still far from optimal. To help citizens as effectively as possible, it is important that the security services continue to innovate, with new technologies playing a major role.

M2M & IoT

Your connectivity solution for M2M & IoT

Connectivity has become a very important part of our lives in recent years, and many people are also aware of this. Everything is connected to each other via millions of connected sensors and smart devices in our homes, offices and cities. We call this “the Internet of Things”.


Your connectivity solution for the Financial sector

In the challenging Financial sector, it is very important to be connected at all times. That’s why Peplink developed the most advanced technologies in the field of networks. From fast market updates and trading to secure data traffic and teleconferencing; with a Peplink router, you take every financial step with high speed and reliability.


Your connectivity solution in Education

The current digital age has brought with it a lot of new concepts, as well as “eLearning”. It has been scientifically proven that the integration of eLearning in educational institutions has many advantages for the development of students.


Your connectivity solution in Construction

Digitization has also taken an important role in the work process in the construction sector. Communication on modern construction sites depends on a strong internet connection, and therefore it is important that a good connection is available for your employees.


Your connectivity solution in the Hospitality Industry

In the current digital era, it is very important to be connected at every moment and in every place. As well as in social places, such as in your hotel or on your terrace. That is why as a catering entrepreneur you are now almost obliged to provide your guests with a good internet connection.


Your connectivity solution in Retail

Since the concept of a “pop-up store” reached also European soil, these stores have become an essential part of the retail trade. Many entrepreneurs use the option to open a temporary location to quickly attract the attention of their target group. On top of that, a pop-up store is less expensive than opening a traditional store and gives your company a lot of flexibility and a direct connection to your customers. But the temporary concept of pop-up stores brings many challenges. Also, for these temporary locations, having a good internet connection is crucial to run the company, and to set up social connections with which you spread brand awareness.


Your connectivity solution in Agriculture

Digitization has also taken on an important role in the work process in the agricultural sector. There are more and more developments in the field of drones, software, satellite images and milking robots that are supposed to make agricultural business operations much more efficient. In addition, IoT is also growing in this sector. IoT sensors can relief people from a lot of work and support them in the decision-making process, making work more efficient, saving costs and increasing production.

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