Merchant Vessel

Pioneering Spirit

Pioneering Spirit, the world’s largest ship needed a way to stay online at all times, whether it’s out in the ocean on a decommissioning project or moored by the shore. Having connectivity is crucial for the safety of the crew, amongst other things. So a solution where they can make use of all available connections is of paramount importance.

Chemgas Shipping

Chemgas has always struggled with connectivity on their vessels. The cellular signal they were getting was weak and the system, not easy to configure in the first place. Owing to the increasing importance of connectivity out at sea, they had to look for a more intuitive and robust system that’s easy to setup and will provide connection failover.

JR Shipping Group

Since the cancellation of roaming in Europe, customers can benefit from larger data pools and thus higher data consumption. On the hardware side you need equipment that can manage the higher data throughput. That was not within the current solution of JR Shipping Group.

Passenger Ferry


Cruise passengers need Internet access for web browsing, to keep in touch with friends and family, and share their journey on social networks. Internet is so integrated into the everyday life that, it is often the first thing a passenger asks when boarding. Committed to providing the best travel experience possible, AmaWaterways needs a way to provide quality 24/7 Internet access to the each of their 150 premier guests as if they were onshore.

Moby and Toremar Ferries

Moby and Toremar Ferries, the leading ferry company in Italy needed a way to provide quality and easy to use Internet access to 2000+ passengers.

Super Yachts

M/Y Fortunate Sun

Owners and guests were not happy with the slow Internet speeds provided by their previous solution. They also need to have 4G LTE service when traveling across Europe, Caribbean and the US.

M/Y Limitless

The captain wanted to improve the data services for the owner, guests and the crew. The vessel travels extensively year round in the Caribbean, USA and Europe. Using different carriers in multiple countries the routers ability to support this is a must.

M/Y l’Albatros

Captain was not happy with the slow and unstable Internet on the vessel. They also need to have 4G LTE service when traveling across the Mediterranean and Caribbean sea.

Prestige 460

Lengers Yachts wanted to be able to take their customer service to the next level, this made Mondicon’s ‘SmartYacht’ solution a perfect fit.


SeaSatCom proposed to meet the client expectations using a Peplink infrastructure on board ENIGMA XK.

Bus and Coach

R.S.C. Anderlecht

R.S.C. Anderlecht is a Belgian Pro-League football team and the most successful Belgian football team in European competitions.

The nature of modern competitive football requires a team to spend a great deal of time on the road and just like everyone today the Anderlecht players want to stay connected.

Our Peplink partner, M2Mcom offered Anderlecht a winning solution.

IoT – Internet of things

Aerea (Sigfox)

Aerea is the Sigfox operator in the Netherlands. It maintains Sigfox base stations all over the country to provide Internet access to the Sigfox IoT objects.

The Sigfox base stations connect to DSL, fibre or any kind of landline Internet that the national Internet service providers like KPN or Ziggo have available in the area to provide Internet access to the Sigfox IoT objects.

The problem is when KPN or Ziggo experiences landline Internet outage, all the Sigfox IoT objects will be disconnected because the Sigfox base stations no longer have Internet access.

Aerea needs a solution to maintain Internet connectivity for the Sigfox IoT objects when the KPN or Ziggo landline Internet fails.

Public Safety

Stillwater Police

Oklahoma’s Stillwater Police Department recently rolled out a fleet of patrol vehicles equipped to connect to the city’s Internal network via 4G LTE.

The consumer-grade networking gear used in the initial deployment wasn’t up to the task: a few months in, scorching summer heat began breaking down the devices. Stillwater Police needed a tougher option – and fast.


Bowen Engineering

For Bowen, it was important to instantly deploy a network with access to the Internet and VPN as soon as their team arrives on site. They needed to do so with simplicity in mind whether they’re dealing with the design, migration or the deployment.

With Peplink’s solution in place, Bowen now enjoys highly available, easy to install and maintain network. They have now significantly minimised the impact on construction team start, setup and operational time. The devices are an important factor in providing what the team needs to reduce delays, make accurate forecasts and reliable decisions and lowering overall risks.



Mytilineos Holdings is one of Greece’s leading industrial conglomerates. They take on projects in engineering and construction, metallurgy, mining and energy in over 15 countries around the world.

With a mix of branch offices and remote sites with varying bandwidth quality in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, they needed a cost effect and easy way to provision for them as well as connect them back to headquarters. The combination of these factors created a complex challenge for Mytilineos, especially when it came to centrally managing these sites.


West Virginia University Robotics Team

West Virginia University Robotics Team was to design and fabricate a sample collection Rover for the NASA Rasc-Al Robo-ops competition hosted at the NASA Johnson Space Center’s Rock Yard.

Before acquiring the Pepwave MAX HD2 system, they were using a pair of CradlePoint cellular modem/router combos that were bridged over a WiFi network. They positioned one of the CradlePoint routers at a stationary base station and affixed the other to the Rover.

This solution worked well untill the Rover lost line of sight to the base station. The Rover was sluggish due to the decreased bandwidth and increased latency.

They needed a more reliable and rebust solution.


Clinton National Bank

Clinton National was using strictly an MPLS T1 network between 9 branch locations. No redundancy or ability to transfer large amounts of data to offsite locations. Large data transfer had to be done strictly by tapes manually transferred between locations.

Ever increasing costs of local loop Telco lines to attach from a branch into their MPLS cloud prompted Clinton National to look for alternative ways to make this connection. They also wanted a method for branch connectivity in the event the MPLS circuit went down, as well as replicate/transfer large amounts of data between data centres.


Daily Life

Dagelijks Leven is working throughout the Netherlands on the realization of small-scale residential care centers right in the neighborhood with the right specialized care. The small-scale residential care locations are found throughout the Netherlands and there are more to come.

Our Peplink partner, Negotica offered them an affordable and automated solution to reduce the fixed costs. Negotica is a Dutch system integrator and developer of smart building, energy and healthcare solutions. Combining and cleverly cooperating products in the domotics market, building and care world is what characterize them.



Pieter is an accountant and a partner of the OAMKB network.

OAMKB is a national network of accountants, tax specialists and administrators providing innovative financial services, online, to more than 2,000 small and medium enterprises, freelancers and start-up.

One of the many reasons that customers like Pieter’s services is the availability.

You can email or chat with Pieter if you have a question. With a few clicks, you can turn invoices into digital financial records, you can send payments, check outstanding invoices, view expenses and profits, and all of these are online and available to you 24/7.