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Within the transport sector, companies are continuously looking at ways to develop innovative transport vehicles. This sector is one of the industries where developments in connectivity are moving fast. One part of this is how a vehicle can connect with the traveler, the headquarter and the driver. Real-time connectivity is very important nowadays. Poynting offers antenna solutions specifically designed for the transportation industry.

What are the possibilities for a vehicle with passengers, which is always on the move, with a need for reliable connectivity ? There are many options to ensure connectivity on a vehicle, but Poynting antennas exceeds the performance of most competitors due to the attention to the design of these high-performance antennas. The radiation patterns of all radiating elements provide an excellent balance between omnidirectionality, pattern diversity and good radiation abilities at the desired elevation, which is important for this type of antenna, especially for the transportation sector. The antennas are vandal and water resistant antenna and perfectly suitable for car, bus, truck and other transport applications.

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