Netmark is a valuable supplier of IT hardware in Europe. We specialise in Software-Defined WAN, a technology that is growing as more companies move their work to the Cloud. That is why we are always looking for new resellers of our excellent brands.

At Netmark we believe in the power of collaboration, and with each other’s help we can grow together and make more connections. Our own technical engineers are happy to transfer their knowledge and experience to you as a reseller through useful product training. This way we help you to offer the best, most innovative solution to your customers. In addition, we have the largest European stock of Peplink products and with our centrally located Dutch office we form the access point to the rest of Europe. With our extensive logistics network, we can deliver every product very quickly. And to fully support you with the marketing of the products we supply, we also offer our resellers marketing and sales support. Netmark has an extensive collection of marketing content that our resellers can benefit from, and you get the opportunity to participate in various marketing activities. Netmark can also share your content on our own channels, to maximize our reach together. And our sales team is happy to help you with the most effective sales techniques and product solutions for your customer, to bring our brands to the market as effectively as possible!

So, do you want to offer your customers the most advanced technologies and products of the best brands? Netmark is always open to new collaborations and is happy to accept the challenge! Contact us and maybe we will soon be connected!

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