Case Study: Daily Life


Dagelijks Leven is working throughout the Netherlands on the realization of small-scale residential care centers right in the neighborhood with the right specialized care. The small-scale residential care locations are found throughout the Netherlands and there are more to come.

Our Peplink partner, Negotica offered them an affordable and automated solution to reduce the fixed costs. Negotica is a Dutch system integrator and developer of smart building, energy and healthcare solutions. Combining and cleverly cooperating products in the domotics market, building and care world is what characterize them.


The goal is to deliver a reliable WiFi network for their home automation equipment and evacuation plan with a guaranty that enough bandwidth is available for the system and for the employees and residents. It was important that both of these networks won’t interfere with each other.


To deliver a reliable WiFi network Negotica choose the Pepwave AP One Enterprise as WiFi solution.


With the Pepwave AP One Enterprise we managed to reduce the fixed costs of Dagelijks Leven. By providing a complete automated system there are less employees needed in the small-scale residential care centers.