Your connectivity solution for the Financial sector

In the challenging Financial sector, it is very important to be connected at all times. That’s why Peplink developed the most advanced technologies in the field of networks. From fast market updates and trading to secure data traffic and teleconferencing; with a Peplink router, you take every financial step with high speed and reliability.



Always connected, wherever you are

In the Financial sector, a few seconds can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why Peplink delivers a data processing capacity up to 1.500 Mbps and multiple load-balancing algorithms. With the multi-WAN SpeedFusion technology, the speed of up to thirteen cable, DSL, cellular and satellite connections is combined so that all your data traffic, from streaming videos to live video conferences and quick trading, can take place simultaneously and without delay. In addition, the Peplink network products are equipped with an intelligent failover system that checks your connection at all times to ensure that your connection never fails. This way you are guaranteed continuous uptime and your work can always continue without disruption. Also, your work does not have to be limited to an office, because Peplink understands that you should always be connected to financial operations around the world, wherever you are. Mobile networking is therefore made possible with technologies such as 256-bit AES encrypted VPNs, RADIUS authentication, GPS tracking and mobile routers. This way you will always stay connected to the market and your colleagues, via your desktop or almost any other mobile device.

With the fast and reliable Peplink routers, access points and other network products you are always aware of every change in the market and you can seize every financial opportunity with complete surrender !