The application of Pepwave in the Transport sector

The application of Pepwave in the Transport sector

The application of Pepwave in the Transport sector



Within the Transport sector, they are continuously looking at ways to develop transport vehicles. One part of this is how a vehicle can connect with the traveler, the headquarter and the driver. Internet is a big part of that. The MAX Transit, BR1, HD2/HD4 Routers from Pepwave make this development more accessible to any organization. When a Pepwave router co-operates with antennas, the results are further improved.

An antenna which has already achieved good results is the MIMO-3 antenna from Poynting in conjunction with the Pepwave MAX Transit or HD2/HD4. This combination is a perfect fit for the Transport sector. Due to its productspecification such as the 5 connections combined in one powerful antenna.



In practice



The combination of the Pepwave router and the Poynting antenna is used in vehicles such as: trams, buses, trucks, trains and automobiles. The Pepwave router comes with a customizable captive portal what allows passengers to login with Facebook. As they login, you can use InControl2 to see insightful reports on user demographics. With DIN rail mounts and mounting ears that can be installed from many angles, the Pepwave MAX Transit is ready to fit into just about any space you have available. With built-in GPS fleet tracking and InControl2 cloud-based management, you can keep tabs on location and manage your mobile network from any Internet-connected device. InControl2 is our cloud based device management, monitoring, and reporting tool designed specifically for Peplink and Pepwave devices.

The MIMO-3 incorporates 5 antennas in a single rugged low profile antenna housing. Two LTE/4G/3G antennas covering all cellular bands and also achieves MIMO data speed increases since the two antennas provide space and pattern diversity. Similarly two dual band WiFi antennas give blistering speeds at both 2.4 and 5GHz and full MIMO advantage. The fifth antenna is a high performance active GPS/GLONASS module. An excellent compromise between omnidirectionality, pattern diversity and good radiation at low (horizontal) angles is achieved.

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